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The Growing Relevance of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the perfect way to ensure that your audience is kept in the know; the quintessential way to offer updates on your company’s most recent activities. However, it’s one thing to routinely send out an email about the happenings within your business – and another altogether to do it in a way that is beneficial to brand growth and exposure!

You only have 3 or 4 seconds to grab a reader’s attention for long enough to inspire them to open and read your email. If your email doesn’t have an interesting pull, or is omitting the information or style relevant to your target audience, then chances are it will fall by the wayside – meaning that your hard work goes to waste and your business is potentially missing out on new leads.

Email Marketing Still Converts

You may be thinking that there are more effective ways to reach your audience than via email, but 66% of modern day consumers have made a purchase online as a direct result of an email marketing message – and last year email marketing was the biggest driver of Black Friday transactions, with 25.1% of sales on the day coming from email conversions.

Just making your emails instantly interesting and unique enough for their recipient to open and read isn’t the only vital consideration; you should also take into account how well your emails render on a mobile device. This is more important now than ever before, as about 53% of all emails are opened on mobile devices.

By making your emails accessible across mobile you’re aligning your business with a limitless number of potential leads – including, though by no means limited to, 75% of the worlds 900 million Gmail users who access their daily mail via tablet or mobile phone!

The List Goes On

This is merely an introduction to the many benefits email marketing can offer your business. While things can start off slowly, consistent output and a commitment to quality content could soon have you reaching millions of potential customers at the click of a button.

Here at Media Shark we offer email-marketing services tailored to suit your needs. From monthly newsletters detailing company news to intelligent and on-brand messages intended to sell, we’ve can take care of it.

Get in touch today for a chat about your businesses future.



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