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Creating Content that Earns Links

Link building is the process of creating and building independent external links pointing back to your website. External links tell search engines and target audiences how trustworthy your content, and therefore your brand, is. The higher the number of high-quality backlinks, the more trustworthy your content and brand, and the higher the ranking of your website in search engine results.

High-quality refers to the trustworthiness of incoming links. A link from the BBC is, for example, a high-quality link. Good unique content is crucial to creating a powerful link network. Here’s how you can make your content earn more links.


Publish Original Insights

Publishing research data related to your business, or data of interest to your target audience, is a great way of earning good-quality links. Seekers such as researchers and writers are interested in evidence-based information, which increases your content’s chances of earning a link from their websites.


Consider Syndication

This is the process of getting your entire, or part of your, content published on reliable third-party websites. When your content gets published on well-known and trustworthy websites, chances that it will be seen and shared are high.

Websites you choose for publication must be of high quality for this link-building approach to succeed. Avoid publishing on websites that are not relevant to your products, services and business. Stay away from link farms and websites filled with spam content as well.


Include Submissions

Submit your content to press release websites and directories relevant to your products and services. Submission to such websites increases the chances of your content being picked up by specialists such as journalists, writers, researchers, and even business insiders.


Approach Influencers

You can get influencers in your field to review your product or service, and to write a review on their blog or social media page, with a link to your product/ service page.

You can also have an arrangement where the influencer’s website, blog or social media page, carries an excerpt of your content. A link can direct interested readers to your website for the rest of the article.

While these link-building strategies are effective, what’s crucial is the compelling and engaging nature of your content. Content that doesn’t serve any purpose for readers doesn’t fetch any links no matter the strategy you employ.



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